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EQ Writer

Your math anywhere.

Use EQ Writer to create lightweight, easy to read, and portable documents.

Screenshot of EQ Writer while editing a markdown list of features.

EQ Writer in action!

Integrated Math Support

EQ Writer has built-in support for Markdown. Use MultiMarkdown + Math to create and edit documents. Preview the result on your iPad with equations rendered using MathJax.

Screenshot of EQ Writer while previewing a document.

Preview documents, including math, directly in the app.

Share Your Work!

Export to PDF, ePub, HTML or LaTeX file formats. Create high-quality technical documents anywhere, with ease, directly from your iPad!

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Share your work with EQ Writer

App Features

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Judge for yourself how easy it is to create high-quality documents, anywhere!

Part of Newton’s Classic Principia

All created directly from your iPad.

A math heavy article.

A homework assignment sheet.

Math from your favorite equation editor.