EQ Editor


March 20, 2015: EQ Writer 2 (version 1.0) is now live!

This app is a Markdown + Math editor that helps you create amazing PDFs, ePubs, HTML, and even LaTeX.

Learn more about it here!

March 1, 2015: EQ Editor 3.02 is live.

This version contains a few bug fixes and the division symbol. Expect a version for iOS 8.1 in the near future, along with another app!

September 18, 2014: EQ Editor 3.01 is now live! This version contains improved TeX/LaTeX support and fixed a bug.

EQ Editor+ is also live! This version of EQ Editor is free with in app purchases to remove watermarks from the documents. Enjoy!

EQ Editor 3.0 is now live! So far, it seems most people are very happy with it.

Currently, iOS 7.0 is required in order to use EQ Editor™. This should only affect iPad 1.0 users.

For news about previous versions, visit the Support Blog.