EQ Editor

EQ Editor

Your math made easy.

You shouldn't need to learn a scripting language to produce great looking math equations.

screenshot of EQ Editor while editing

If you can use an iPad®, you can use EQ Editor™ to create high quality math equations. Use your tablet's built-in keyboard and standard gestures to easily render even complicated math statements.

Simple, but powerful.

Stop adjusting your work to meet the needs of the program, and let the app work for you.

screenshot of EQ Editor showing math options

EQ Editor has the tools to handle anything from simple homework problems to specialized higher math. The math is rendered using the native iOS API to quickly and efficiently show you the result as you are entering it in. Desktop power in the palm of your hand.

Have an external keyboard? EQ Editor has built-in commands to allow you to enter your math, and see it on the screen, as fast as you can type it. Your work just got more efficient, with EQ Editor!

EQ Editor knows how to share.

Whether you need a print page, an image to use in another app, or you want to use your equation as part of a larger paper or web project, EQ Editor has you covered.

screenshot of EQ Editor showing math options

EQ Editor can export files in PDF, PNG, MathML, and TeX.

No matter how you want to share your work with others, EQ Editor can help. The app supports Dropbox sync, to email export, printing, and even copying to the plain old clipboard. Whether it's sharing with your classmates, your students, or your favorite app, EQ Editor has you covered.

Unparalleled ease, unmatched results.

High quality math: made easy with EQ Editor!

Other apps require you to use a clunky interface or learn a heavy duty scripting language in order to produce even simple equations. You don't need to wrestle with these tools when you have an app that works for you!